Courses Taught by Dr. Simionescu

BIO E 8460 Biomedical Basis for Engineered Replacement [team taught with Dr Martine Laberge]

Form and function of human organs, major systems and examples of engineering repair and replacement methods are presented in light of pathological or traumatic organ malfunction.(Core course for all Bioengineering graduate students.)

BIO E 4020 Biocompatibility

Guides students through the theory and practice of determining compatibility of biomaterials and medical devices as required by the FDA in accordance with ISO standards. Hands-on experiments emphasize basic host-implant interactions such as blood compatibility and inflammation and toxicity towards cells, tissues and organs, using specific techniques such as cell culture, implantation of biomaterials in experimental animals and histopathology.

BIOE 4230/6230 Cardiovascular Engineering [team taught with Dr Martine Laberge, Dr Eugene Langan and Dr Chris Wright]

Medical and bioengineering aspects of artificial cardiovascular and vascular devices; physiology and pathological aspects of patients with need for such devices; diagnostic techniques and surgical management of diseases and pathology; design aspects of current devices and selection; state of the art in experiments and human clinical trials.

BIOE 4910, H4910 – Undergraduate research

BIOE 8910, 8920 – Master’s research

BIOE 9910 – Doctoral research


Clemson Bioengineering