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The BTRL and the Department of Bioengineering has hosted the following Page Morton Hunter or Dayton C. Riddle Distinguished Seminar Series Invited Speakers:

  • Professor David F Williams – Wake Forrest
  • Professor Art Coury – Northeastern University
  • Professor Kelvin Brockbank – Tissue Testing Technologies LLC
  • Professor Bruce Bunnell – Tulane University
  • Professor Elena Aikawa – Harvard University
  • Professor Peter Zilla – University of Cape Town
  • Professor Jeff Morgan – Brown University
  • Professor Donald Ingber – Harvard University
  • Professor Rob Gourdie – Virginia Tech
  • Professor Jane Grande-Allen – Rice University
  • Professor Gabor Forgacs – Modern Meadows Inc
  • Professor Jeff Gimble – Tulane University

Dr. Dan Simionescu was elected Executive Board Member of the ISACB


The first issue of Challenges in Regenerative Medicine has been published online.

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August, 2014

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